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Recent and historical photos from my musical journey.

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“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace and abolishing strife.” ― Kahlil Gibran

Phill Raymond

"Lovin' Every Day of These Blues" by Phill Raymond

Maybe too happy for a blues song but a blues song none the less.

Billy Kavanagh with Phill Raymond live at the Cherry Bar Melbourne Australia

Sunday Session

Live at radio 98.7 RPPFM Mornington Peninsula Australia...

"A Foot a'Tappin' Boogie" by Cecil B. Fardoulli

Song dedicated to the Australian blues band Dutch Tilders & The Blues Club led by the late Dutch Tilders. He was also known as the Godfather of Australian Blues. His fav catch phrase was "Keep the faith", which he surely did all his life.

Slide Show Images

Live at the Axedale Tavern Victoria July 2013

Live at the Theatre Royal Castlemaine August 2013

Time out at the Sunbury Music Festival 1972

"Move With Me" by Phill Raymond

Reproduced under licence from APRA/AMCOS. Audio Manufacture Licence Production #: AU18272190. Writers: BUCKLEY T / GOLDSTEIN J

1998 Self-titled Cd release

Re-release coming soon...

Getting a little percussive...

Sometimes I've been known to to try my hand at other instruments...

Street Performance

Dunolly Blues & Roots Music Festival Nov 2010